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Thinking about buying a new car? Check out this video by AutoGuide of cars people kept for years.

I have been in this business for a long time and agree that Honda and Toyota make a car that lasts for years. The only car I would add to this list is Subaru. I have personal experience with Toyota, Honda, and Subaru lasting years for my family and I.


Are you protected against identity fraud?


“Blue Streak”

Central Insurance Companies

“Blue Streak” is a special Central Insurance Companies personal lines priority service program provided to selected agents who have consistently maintained high professional standards.  Our agency is “one of the best” and has a proven track record of outstanding performance with Central.

Our agents have been designated as priority “Blue Streak” representatives. The purpose of the “Blue Streak” program is simple – to provide Central’s very best service to the customers of Central’s best agents.

Our agents have received special training as part of the “Blue Streak” program that translates into priority attention to our business on policy issuance, policy changes, claims, and more.

Central was founded in 1876 and over those years has been a service-oriented company. That service philosophy continues today.